I  work in gouache, oils and watercolors. I began on 22 X 30 Arches paper, I eventually graduated to 44 X 60 hot press watercolor paper, cut from 10-yard rolls. In 2010 I begain to explore watercolors and oils in a  small postcard  size format . Both of these two formats gave me enormous freedom to explore a number of themes, figural, spactial and abstract, working at a scales that draws the viewer deep into the subject.


I am less interested in what my original intentions were for each piece because they always evolve in the process.  I am more interested in what the viewer sees and how he or she interprets it.  I aim for ambiguity,  mystery, the blur of a  moment, a glimpse of something lost in the passing of everyday life. Sometimes the subject is abstract and still, sometimes its suffuse with motion.  A passing bus stop or train, an imploding building,  a half empty apartment. Here now and then gone. Each work is an attempt at invention and the transformation of that moment. 

I work in black and white and color. I work with brush, sponge, paper towel and my hands. My works have also  been three dimensional, in bas relief composed of rags. glue and paint.  


I am inspired by imagery  captured in photographs, torn from newsprint or drawn purely from my imagination- attempting to capture something that  is haunting, touching, provocative and true.

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